Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Meet our Members - Jain Squires

My name is Jain Squires. I live in North Yorkshire UK. I have been making miniatures for around 12 years now and for the last 4 years have been selling my giddy characters at fairs and online.
The characters are made from polymer clay and each one is hand sculpted. It is impossible to replicate them. I prefer not to repeat characters, I like to think people have a OOAK in every way.

I do not accept commissions at this time, but occasionally have characters for sale from my blog or website.

I also stand at several UK fairs:

To keep up to date with my news, follow my blog
or check out my website  
Alternatively you can email me - jain@giddykipperdolls.com

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  1. Son personajes con caracter. Eres un buen artesano. Clara