Friday, 20 August 2010

Meet our Members - Diane Gregory

My name is Diane Gregory and I have loved miniatures from an early age. As a child an older relative very kindly gave me her lovely dolls house which I adored. When I got older my Mum decided it took up far too much space and gave it away. I always felt saddened by this, especially when I had my own daughter. My love of dolls houses was renewed a few years ago when my hubby kindly bought me a lovely 12th scale cottage. Then the collecting began!!!
Being very creative I started to make items for my house which in turn led me on to polymer clay. My first attempt was a very ill looking set of indoor plants which any self-respecting gardener would have thrown straight on the compost heap! But the bug had bitten and I carried on and found that I enjoyed making miniature food. 

When I was pleased with my creations I began selling on auction sites and then found the courage to set up my own website. As well as the usual range of miniature food, I also have recently created my ‘Gourmet Gruesome’ which is a range of alternative food aimed at the miniaturist who likes a little bit of quirkiness in their miniature scenes!
 On my website I also sell a small selection of other accessories, which I feel compliment my range of hand crafted items.
My website address is  If an item you require is out of stock please contact me via my email address or contact page on the website and I will happily make them specially for you.

I also sell a selection of my minis in my Etsy shop

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