Monday 13 June 2011

Trompe L'oeil...

In the AIM imag's Summer Issue, AIM member Pearl Hudson tells us more about this fascinating 'trick of the eye' (page 36) and how it can be used to bring an extra dimension to any dolls house!

Bea Broadwood

Wednesday 1 June 2011

A Note from the Editor - AIM imag June/July 2011

Bea Broadwood
AIM Editor
Dear Reader,

Here in AIM's virtual global office, all is now quiet...

Overheated laptops have been switched off, bulging notepads have been closed and flattened desk chair cushions have been plumped.  In short there has been an audible (collective) sigh rippling quietly across four continents and countless time zones as the hardworking editorial team members finally step away from their desks and look forward to a well earned summer break!

However, with the editorial team disappearing into the sunset, there is no need to panic!!

In order to cover the editorial team's need for their annual holidays, 'stay-cations', rehab visits or private time in a darkened room, rest assured that before clocking off and supported by the talented members of AIM they have pulled out all the stops to put together this fantastic 'summer' edition of the AIM magazine, which we hope will tide you all over until the next issue of the AIM imag is released on the 1st August!!

So in the meantime, and is now customary, as editor it is once again my privilege to welcome you all to the 35th edition of the AIM Magazine, which as you will see is packed full of exciting projects, articles and not forgetting all your favourite regular columns and features too - and of course all for FREE!

But for now, as several deck chairs, floppy sun hats and many rounds of iced Pimms beckon, the editorial team and I hope that you will all enjoy this 'Artist's Life' inspired issue and rest assures the AIM magazine will be back on August 1st - rejuvenated, refreshed and quite simply better than ever!


Bea Broadwood
Editor (& general whip cracker)

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