Saturday 26 March 2011


The boxes in the following pictures were all stolen from Carol Smiths stand whilst exhibiting
at Miniatura last weekend.

If you see them for sale please contact Carol

Thursday 10 March 2011

Count Your Blessings from Janet Granger

This is Janet Granger's latest addition to her range of mini samplers. It is called 'Count Your Blessings', and is to be worked on 32 count evenweave fabric. The kit contains everything you need to complete the sampler, including the wooden picture frame to mount the finished stitching in. We often take for granted what we have. However much we DO have in the way of ‘stuff’, we always seem to want something more. And in the affluent West of the 21st Century, there seems to be a huge range of products ready to tempt us to buy more, when it may be that things you can’t buy, such as friendship, is really more important. In Victorian times, young girls were taught to value what they had (however little that might be), by stitching a phrase such as ‘Count your blessings’ as a sampler motto. Imagine how it would be drilled into your brain, if you had to painstakingly stitch this for months, gradually building up the words and motifs, when you were maybe as young as six, as many schoolchildren were when they were instructed to make samplers such as this! Priced at £7.95, the kit is available from her website, uk