Wednesday 11 March 2015

Calling all AIM Members :)

The Ed team has drawn breath, girded its loins and probably had some wine so now is the time, dear AIMers, to get the next issue of our popular magazine up and running.
A while ago I suggested a baby theme and this seemed to go down well.   Babies as in all creatures small: human, animal, floral buds....following my drift?  Cots, cribs, layettes, puppies, kittens, tadpoles, toys...... any more suggestions welcomed. For 55 and 56 – yes we think ahead – we have garden delights, haute cuisine and haute couture lined up.
I am looking for projects for 54 such as baby doll making, clothing, cuddly toys...... again, ideas welcome.
As always this is not the whole story of the imag – just a theme so other projects and articles are always welcome.  Remember we have the ‘Getting To Know You’ and ‘Blog of the Season’ features for anyone wanting some good free publicising as well as the facility to include one-off features on other subjects.
Could anyone come up with a feature on the changing style of baby clothes through the years or the history of the nanny?  As always help is available with the writing and formatting of such items – just go for it!
You can contact any of the editors personally or through me  or at
I need offers/suggestions asap, raw copy by April 1st for formatting by one of the Ed team and formatted (if you are one of the clever folk who can do that) ready for the Ed team by April 10th. An album will be available shortly – please, please remember to include your name, details, contact etc.
Looking forward to a bulging inbox!