Monday 31 October 2011

AIM Member Showcase ~ Sadie at Homewardflight

Specialising in food with a passion for detail, Homewardflight strive to make sure that their items look real and as though they were the actual item they are supposed to be, rather than a representation of them.  The lady behind Homewardflight is Sadie and she explains that she wants people to look at her work and believe that it is the real thing they are seeing in their dolls house!

Sadie explains that she is very proud of all of her handmade miniatures and is delighted to share this wonderful Vegetable Show Display and Speciality Orange Coffee with German Cookies with everyone on the AIM blog! The seed packets that come with the vegetable display are sealed and have lots and lots of very tiny little miniatures seeds inside them and yes, the packets actually rattle!

The Vegetable Show Display and the Specialty Orange Coffee with German Cookies can be found alongside more mouthwateringly realistic miniature food displays at Homewardflight Etsy Store or you can visit Homewardflight at Homewardflight Blog

Wednesday 26 October 2011

November IMAG

Due to the amount of Miniature Shows at this time of the
year unfortunately the Editorial Team at AIM
are unable to bring you
the November issue of the Free AIM Magazine.

Many of our team are busy preparing for shows
both here and abroad and obviously
their businesses have to come first. 

Their time is given freely to produce the magazine and there
are obviously times when something has to give way to real life

We hope you won't be too disappointed.

The Ed Team

Any queries please contact

Sunday 23 October 2011

Meet Our Members ~ Halloween Special

Halloween is nearly upon us,
the time when shivers run down your spine
so lets take a little trip through.....

The AIM Members websites and see what they have been upto.....

Showcasing wonderful handmade offerings for the witching season
by some of our talented AIM members

As the witches gather....

Witch by Nancy Cronin

and the skies darken....

                   Halloween House by Dave Williams,

 the ghosts go dancing by...

OOAK ghosts by Kay Brooke

alongside the Bride of Frankenstein...

Bride Of Frankenstein by Julie Campbell

Whilst indoors, pumpkins glow....

Halloween Fireplace by Bearcabin Miniatures

and tables are set for a feast....

Trick or Treat Table by Oberonswood

with Jack-a-lantern Candy

Miniature handmade food by Sarah Maloney

and Pumpkin Pie...
Pumpkin Pie with miniature pumpkins by Vicky Guile

and witching hour feasts....

Witching hour feast by Sadie Brown

and spooktacular cupcakes for 12th scale children to eat.... 

Spooktacular cupcakes by Mels Miniatures

The bears have helped to hollow out the Pumpkins....

Jointed Bear and pumpkin by Linda Master

and the hats and brooms are at the ready.....

Country witches hat and broomstick by Kat

The children are dressed to play trick or treat...

Dandy by Sandra A. Stacy

Accompanied by a friendly witch....

Little witch by Adora Bella Minis

and thus ends our little trip!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Saturday 22 October 2011

Win A Memory Box Kit In AIM's October imag

Don't miss your chance to win a wonderful Memory Box Kit by AIM Member Lorraine Cooper of

This month's AIM imag looks at Lorraine's first year of owning her beloved Craft Pack Company and to celebrate she is offering the chance to win one of her lovely Memory Box Kits.

Lorraine's competition can be found on page 70 of the October Imag and closes on the 28th October

There are also some lovely printables from Lorraine on pages 68 - 69

Good luck to all who enter

Friday 21 October 2011

New On The Web: Miracle Chicken Miniatures

The Artisans in Miniature Association is delighted to introduce to you the new website from the award winning miniature wood carver Linda Master!

Linda expertly creates hand carved miniatures and can even carve a replica of your very own real pet in many different scales. Along with miniature art for dolls houses, drawings and paintings, matted and framed, elegant stone carvings, Hitty dolls and fabulous hand carved toothpicks and matchsticks… Linda’s talent and attention to detail is outstanding!

Visit to see what Linda has to offer and to be amazed! 

Thursday 20 October 2011

Miniature Wrought Iron Furniture by Loiuse Win

AIM member Louise Win handmakes wrought iron furniture in 1:12th, 1:24th and 1:48th scales.
Shown here is a wonderful 12th scale Pansy Table with glass top and a tiny 48th scale Bakers Stand.
All items are handmade to last a lifetime.

Louise says commissions are very welcome! Simply email her jpgs of your drawings or photographs for a quote.

Lousie's work can be seen on and on her website  where Louise also gives free tutorials.

Wednesday 19 October 2011

British Hand Made Miniatures from The House Of Mindy

Fellow AIM Member, Paul of The House of Mindy produces quality handmade, British miniatures and collectables. Paul tells us that his favourite miniature to make amongst his extensive range of products is food. Paul sells his miniatures through Dolls House Fairs and Shows and is contactable for mail order purchases via email to

Sunday 16 October 2011

A trip to 'Granny's House' with the AIM imag

This month in the AIM imag, we take a trip to Granny's House.
Within the covers of the FREE AIM imag you will find pages packed with inspiration from Granny's era, to inspire that special miniature project.

From 'Food that Grandma used to make' too 'Grandma's favourite hobbies' 
 the October Edition is a treasure chest of inspiration, packed with regular features, articles and news.
So why not read online or download your FREE copy today!

Saturday 15 October 2011

New books from Lee Ann Borgia

 AIM member Lee Ann Borgia has some lovely new book titles out for this Christmas.

Shown here is The Goblins Christmas and Brownie in Christmas Land

These wonderfully detailed books and over 400 other titles of miniature books are available through Lee Ann's website at 

Lee Ann posts worldwide with free shipping.

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Autumn Miniatures by Marfolhuz Miniatures

Here we have some wonderful autumnal themed miniatures handmade by AIM Member Marieke of Marfolhuz Miniatures. Marieke loves working with Polymer Clay and enjoys creating food, witchy and shabby chic themed miniatures to sell in her Etsy store.

 Marieke's Etsy store is currently filled with mushrooms, brooms and pumpkins and you can visit her store at

You can also see what Marieke is currently working on at her blog;

Monday 10 October 2011

Shadows Shawl by Chrystal's Designs

AIM Member Sharon Chrystal de Vries has knitted this beautifuly delicate 'Shadows Shawl' using Maderia Catona 80 thread and she is offering the pattern for sale as a "special" on her blog for one week only, between the 17th October and the 23rd October.

Then in November, Sharon will be sharing a tutorial for the lovely dolls bonnet, flowers and necklace on her blog.

Sharon's blog can be found at

Friday 7 October 2011

A Postman by Teresa Thompson at Costume Cavalcade

AIM member Teresa Thompson has recently completed a commission doll for one of her customers. Her wonderful, 'present day postman' was inspired from photographs supplied from her customer and from Teresa's own son and daughter-in-law, who are themselves 'Posties.' 

I think that you'll all agree that Teresa's postman is fabulous, with wonderful attention to detail and even though this little postie is reserved for her customer, Teresa is happy to take further commisions for more 'posties'.

Teresa can be contacted via her website at

Monday 3 October 2011

Dear Reader,

It is once again my privilege to welcome you to
the October edition of the ground breaking AIM Magazine.  This month AIM members have chosen to celebrate a very special lady in our lives; Granny!

For me the rhythmical ticking of a cuckoo clock, 'gold top' milk, sherbet lemon sweets and the comforting smell of a dinner roasting in the oven all bring back an ocean of wonderful memories of my much loved Nanna...

In the miniature world our shared nostalgia for past times and our treasured recollections of days gone by often in turn become our silent muse, inspiring the miniatures which we love to collect or make.

In the modern minature world, scenes, settings and locations from our past are fast becoming a popular starting point for our new miniature projects.  Indeed it seems that for many, submersing ourselves in the miniature world allows us to create tangible recreations of our own personal memories. 

Since the birth of the internet there has been an ever increasing interest in genealogy and researching our personal family tree is now common place.  For those of us in the miniature world there is also an obvious cross over between our nostalgic memories and discoveries of our own personal past and our (enviable) ability to recreate them in three dimensional form in the present.

I personally am no exception to this kind of inspiration as I have recently been working on small scale kits which reflect furniture or homes which were present in my own personal childhood.  So if you are considering recreating 'Granny's house' you need look no further!!  AIM members have filled the pages of this issue with myriad ideas, inspiration and countless projects that just might help you bring your own memories back to life! 

Bea Broadwood

Editor (& general whip cracker)
October 2011

"Granny's House"
Issue 38 - October 2011