Wednesday, 26 October 2011

November IMAG

Due to the amount of Miniature Shows at this time of the
year unfortunately the Editorial Team at AIM
are unable to bring you
the November issue of the Free AIM Magazine.

Many of our team are busy preparing for shows
both here and abroad and obviously
their businesses have to come first. 

Their time is given freely to produce the magazine and there
are obviously times when something has to give way to real life

We hope you won't be too disappointed.

The Ed Team

Any queries please contact


  1. of course it is a pity, but it is definitely more important to prepare the shows. We go and visit them there and are looking forward to the christmas edition! Thank you all so much for spending your time!

  2. Buahhhhhhh!, no problem, we look foward to following edition. Thanks for your time and good luck with the shows.

  3. Lo entiendo perfectamente. Espero ansiosa el momento de ver la revista, pero lo primero es lo primero. Bastante hacen con mostrarnos mes a mes esas verdaderas maravillas.