Monday, 3 October 2011

Dear Reader,

It is once again my privilege to welcome you to
the October edition of the ground breaking AIM Magazine.  This month AIM members have chosen to celebrate a very special lady in our lives; Granny!

For me the rhythmical ticking of a cuckoo clock, 'gold top' milk, sherbet lemon sweets and the comforting smell of a dinner roasting in the oven all bring back an ocean of wonderful memories of my much loved Nanna...

In the miniature world our shared nostalgia for past times and our treasured recollections of days gone by often in turn become our silent muse, inspiring the miniatures which we love to collect or make.

In the modern minature world, scenes, settings and locations from our past are fast becoming a popular starting point for our new miniature projects.  Indeed it seems that for many, submersing ourselves in the miniature world allows us to create tangible recreations of our own personal memories. 

Since the birth of the internet there has been an ever increasing interest in genealogy and researching our personal family tree is now common place.  For those of us in the miniature world there is also an obvious cross over between our nostalgic memories and discoveries of our own personal past and our (enviable) ability to recreate them in three dimensional form in the present.

I personally am no exception to this kind of inspiration as I have recently been working on small scale kits which reflect furniture or homes which were present in my own personal childhood.  So if you are considering recreating 'Granny's house' you need look no further!!  AIM members have filled the pages of this issue with myriad ideas, inspiration and countless projects that just might help you bring your own memories back to life! 

Bea Broadwood

Editor (& general whip cracker)
October 2011

"Granny's House"
Issue 38 - October 2011