Monday, 31 October 2011

AIM Member Showcase ~ Sadie at Homewardflight

Specialising in food with a passion for detail, Homewardflight strive to make sure that their items look real and as though they were the actual item they are supposed to be, rather than a representation of them.  The lady behind Homewardflight is Sadie and she explains that she wants people to look at her work and believe that it is the real thing they are seeing in their dolls house!

Sadie explains that she is very proud of all of her handmade miniatures and is delighted to share this wonderful Vegetable Show Display and Speciality Orange Coffee with German Cookies with everyone on the AIM blog! The seed packets that come with the vegetable display are sealed and have lots and lots of very tiny little miniatures seeds inside them and yes, the packets actually rattle!

The Vegetable Show Display and the Specialty Orange Coffee with German Cookies can be found alongside more mouthwateringly realistic miniature food displays at Homewardflight Etsy Store or you can visit Homewardflight at Homewardflight Blog


  1. Realmente impresionante, no parecen miniaturas, son de una realidad asombrosa.

  2. Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras, María! Significa mucho para saber que te gusten mis miniaturas. Sadie