Tuesday 17 August 2010

Meet our Members - Janet Smith

Janet Smith, of Desert Minis, Inc.,  specializes in high quality small scale miniature foods, with a goal of including all of the little details that you would see in larger scale miniatures including stems on the apples and seeds in the tomato slices.  We offer family style food (like a sliced ham or pan of enchiladas) to grace your miniature dining room table or single serving plates (like eggs and bacon or a taco salad) for your miniature restaurant or bistro.  We have foods inspired by today's cooking shows, with an emphasis on "plating" and flavors like a plate of grilled salmon with mango salsa, beans with almond slivers and herbed new potatotes.  And we offer an array of fruits and vegetables that can be incorporated into your own arrangements for produce stands or wreaths or centerpieces for your holiday table.  While the focus is on quarter scale, any item sold can be made in any other scale by request.