Thursday, 26 August 2010

Meet our Members - Pauline Everett

My mother was a dressmaker by profession and my father a metalwork teacher who could make just about anything so I grew up in an environment where ‘hand made’ was normal. My childhood dolls house was a modern bungalow built by my father with my mothers help and I can remember sneaking downstairs and hearing them talking about tiling the roof not long before Christmas day arrived and it became my pride and joy. My older brother was banned from touching it but I could not stop our Persian cat from wedging herself into the sitting room on top of my precious furniture and magically she never damaged a single thing. I cannot remember exactly when I started to sew but it was definitely to make clothes for my dolls and of course as I grew up for myself. 

Over the years I have made everything from soft toys, curtains, and loose covers to lingerie, fancy dress outfits, ballroom dresses and wedding gowns, but I had never contemplated making them in miniature until my enforced retirement allowed me to recapture the magic of owning a dolls house. I try to make my miniatures look and feel as realistic as possible whether to fit a doll or for display and am proud that they are sewn together with needle and thread. I do hope you will visit my website at... 

...and enjoy looking through my photo album. I love making ‘one of a kind’ garments of all types and welcome a challenge so if you are looking for something special please contact me, Pauline Everett, by email at...

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