Friday, 13 August 2010

Meet our Members - Shelly Norris

My name is Shelly Norris, I live in gorgeous Colorado, we are self employed and breed paint race horses.   I have been dabbling in the miniature world for the past 10 years or so, of course, I have a large hand made dollhouse that sits waiting patiently for me to work on but I am too busy jumping from one part of the hobby to another!  I have written several how to articles for both the US based and the English based miniature magazines.  These articles have been from micro minis to 1" scale.  But, I always come back to flowers!  Ah, I love gardens and flowers and vines and hidey holes to sit and enjoy those flowers plants and trees! My flowers are created by different means, meaning, I use paper, air dry porcelain and wire and glue!  The creation of my flowers involves many different techniques.  I teach classes using the wire and glue to create flowers.  A huge Thank you needs to be mentioned to Patricia Snyder the creator of this method and for allowing me to teach her method not her flowers.  My favorite paper flowers so far have been my Rose Vines and I am loving my Wisteria vines created with paper... my favorite wire and glue flowers have to be the Iris and my Wisteria.... 
Other items of interest:  Several years ago I purchased the copyright from Viola for her booklet series.  I still sell these.  Most of them have been re written and I can now send them out as pdf files for immediate use.  I also have a Quarter scale booklet for sale in pdf form.  I am working on going as green as possible!
The one thing that I have always wanted to accomplish is a hand sculpted doll that looks good, not awesome, good, that is the one thing that I have NOT been able to accomplish.
As a note of interest, besides my own website a couple of years ago I started the Miniatures Only Auction site.  This site is for the auctioning of Dollhouse Miniatures scaled 1" and smaller including supplies!  In the last few months the site has really taken off. 
The neat thing about the site is that if you are listing a regular auction style listing it is FREE to list.


  1. enhorabuena por tus plantas. Te han quedado fantasticas.
    A mi tambien me gusta mucho hacerlas.
    Besitos, May

  2. Un rincón precioso de plantas. Enhorabuena. Besos Clara