Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Adora Bella Minis now in smallers scales

You may recognise AIM member Joy of Adora Bella Minis for her charming characters in 12th Scale. Amongst my favourites are her wonderful witches for the collector of fantasy miniatures. But did you know that Joy also makes her delightful characters in smaller scales too? In 2014, Joy has moved into making for the lover of smaller scales; 24th and 48th scale.

Joy no longer works on a commission basis, but does have a wishlist that you can add to on her website and you can sign up for her newsletter which gives details her latest dolls as they become available. 

You can see more of Joy's work on her website;


  1. Thank you so much Julia for doing a article on my work it is so kind of you ♥ joy xxxxx

  2. Why do I have the urge to pinch heir cheeks? LOL