Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Issue 52 of the AIM iMag due out soon

Are you looking forward to the next edition of the AIM iMag? I know I am. 

I've had a sneaky peek at some of the articles, such as 'Home Sweet Home' and 'Home Comforts' and  as always this issue is going to be great. The dedicated AIM members have been working hard and giving their time voluntarily to bring you the next edition which will be popping into your inbox soon. If your not signed up to email notifications from this blog, then keep an eye here and I'll let you know when it goes 'live' 

In the meantime, why not take a look at some of our back issues, which are available from www.artisansinminiature.com


  1. And what is this crazy editor doing right now? Planning the Advent calendar! AIM members: I need 8 more projects - please make it happen.
    xx AIM imag Editor

    1. Come on AIM members, I know time can be busy, but we need you. I've pledged my contribution to the AIM Advent calendar, will you?

    2. I do want to contribute for the advent calender with a knitting pattern. If you want.
      Let me know? Don't know when you want it?
      Greetings Marianne Asselman from the Netherlands

    3. Thank you Marianne. Can you send us a contact email through the AIM group please?
      Many thanks

    4. Thank you, Marianne - that would be lovely. I will begin formatting on November 1st so would be happy to receive projects from AIM members by the end of October - Hallowe'en seems an appropriate date!