Thursday, 18 September 2014

Latest news from Petite Properties

Over the last few months, Bea of Petite Properties has been busy designing new kits and writing her latest book; Create Exterior Finishes. Bea who many will recognise as the founder of AIM and the AIM Imag has also introduced a new, exclusive range of paints for use on all her kits, including the delightful 1/48th scale 'Pumpkin Cottage ' shown above. 

Pumpkin Cottage and Bea's latest book; Petite Properties Create Exterior Finishes will be launched at this weekends Miniatura Show, where you will be spoilt for choice amongst the many cottages, kits and accessories in 1/144th, 1/48th and 1/24th that Petite Properties have for sale. You can find these and the amazing new book, which is an easy to follow guide to creating your own authentic exteriors on Stand A5

If you are not attending the Miniatura Show or would like a closer look prior to the show, you can find further details on these and more at;


  1. This looks wonderful!
    Pity I'm not going to Miniatura
    Will It be at Kensington?

    1. Yes Alison, Petite Properties will be at Kensington or you can use the link above to take a look at their website