Thursday, 9 February 2012

AIM Members News 2012 ~ Keenderson Miniatures

Introducing AIM member Glen Anderson whose interest in miniatures goes back to his childhood, when he built model kits. As an adult, he had an interest in building furniture, but no room for a workshop, and so miniatures were a natural fit! After working on pieces as a hobby for several years, Keenderson Miniatures was formed in 2008.

Glen uses traditional cabinetry techniques to create miniature furniture and accessories. In the past, he has been inspired by Federal, Art Deco, Arts and Crafts and Modern Design, but it is the challenge of working in scale that always draws him forward to new projects.

Glen's work, with his amazing attention to detail can be found on his newly updated website at;


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  1. wow these are lovely pieces of art and a Canadian Yeah!!!!! Being a B.C. er I have never heard of you but what a lovely website and lovely pieces of furniture. I am going to spread your website to all of the miniaturists out my way. what a very lovely surprize this is Glen. judy in Penticton