Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Meet our Members - Sandy Calderon

Sandy Calderon

Hello, my name is Sandy Calderon.  I have been making doll house people since 1975 when I became unhappy with my family of "bendy" dolls that resided in my dolls house.  I have always loved to sculpt and started to work in porcelain in 1980 hand sculpting all my work.   By 1991 I bought my first commercial doll mold and started casting dolls.  Since that time I have more molds than I can count, I make my own molds, and still hand sculpt some dolls.

I love all things mini.   I went to school for cosmetology in 85 and opened a nail salon where I painted small art work on fingernails.  I won many awards for my tiny paintings such as the Last Supper and the Mona Lisa.  I just love tiny detailed work.  I do also work full scale and I work in the haunt industry making props for haunted house attractions.  I love creating.

My dolls are mostly nude ready to dress dolls for other artist who love to create but don’t have the means to fire a doll, or the china painting.  Special requests are done regularly in my studio.  You will find everything from the standard Victorian lady, to fun brothel dolls, or fantasy fairies and mermaids, or even my silly naked men dolls- for those with a true sense of humor. 

My website does have a limited amount of dressed dolls, and I have been known to do dolls right out of movies or TV, such as Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow and my Twilight dolls.  These dolls are hand sculpted works of art as each one is a one of a kind doll and can not be duplicated as is.

Half and quarter scale dolls are also found on my site as well as a full page of just Witches and Halloween fun for your dolls. 

I enjoy helping others learn the art, and I will happily provide anyone with the porcelain doll to fit the needs of the project they are working on.  Enjoy my website and be inspired! 
We also sell accessories, porcelain, and other doll making supplies to help you along the way.

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