Monday, 19 July 2010

Meet our Members - Mondodifavola

Mondodifavola by Elena

Like all girls I grew up playing with the house of Barbie, but those brightly coloured floors, the plastic furniture so unrealistic, the yellow lift... I did not like at all!  This, coupled with my passion for selfmade things, inspired me to keep a big dream:  building a "true" dollhouse!
Several years later, during a vacation in Paris, I discovered a hobby shop with a department devoted to dollhouses.  Thus was born Marie Charlotte, my first miniature Patisserie.

A few years later, I received a gift from my cousin, a catalogue of American dollhouses:  I discovered that what for me was only a dream, for others it was a real passion!  I bought the project to build a Victorian house and early furniture in 1:12 scale.  

This discovery made me look for specialized shops in Milano.  Thus in 1998 I met for the first time Angela Gagliardi of Cosediunaaltomondo, so it was that started my great adventure in the world of miniatures. 

Several years passed before I specialized in creating furniture in 1:12 scale:  I then exhibited in 2007 for the first time in a miniature show in Milano, Miniaturitalia and in 2008 I produced my first furniture:  designed, created and decorated by Mondodifavola!

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