Tuesday 7 October 2014

AIM members featured in The Dolls House Magazine

The November 2014 Issue of The Dolls' House Magazine features not one but five AIM artisans. Marianne Cook, Janet Granger, Diane Gregory, Frances Powell and Sally Watson all feature in the glossy pages of the latest edition (Issue 198) I'm sure all of our readers will join me in saying a proud 
"Well done to you all".

One of those members, Marianne Cooke is a painter who makes miniature plants and flowers mostly in 1/12th scale. Her aim is to make them look as if they were growing in, or had just been gathered from her own garden, which means they are definitely not florist-perfect! Marianne may add a little crack or moss to the pots, and sometimes they even have a weed growing alongside them. Some flowers may be overblown or still in bud and a leaf or three may be blemished which  adds to their uniqueness and delight.

Marianne's contribution to The Dolls House Magazine is a project to make a Sumac tree in 1/12th scale (with brief additional instructions detailing how to adapt it for 1/24th). This colourful addition would be perfect for your autumn miniature garden or in a pot beside the front door. Marianne tells us that it is the first of a number of projects to be included in future issues of the magazine. If you love plants and flowers but are not so keen on hand making them yourself, why not visit Marianne's website or her Etsy shop for many delightful flowers and plants all ready to be placed in your miniature garden.

You can buy the Dolls' House magazine from: www.thegmcgroup.com

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