Thursday, 21 March 2013

Miniatura, NEC Birmingham - Official AIM Members Attending List

Miniatura International Dolls House Show
23rd & 24th March 2013
NEC, Birmingham

Ever wanted to meet the people behind the AIM imag that you all love and share?

Well, here is a great opportunity to meet some of AIM's members this coming weekend.

The official list and stand numbers for AIM member's who will be exhibiting at Miniatura are as follows;

Stand Number                                                                        AIM Member
       K 4                                                                    AL'TURN'ATIVE PROPORTIONS
       K 2                                                                    ARTFORGE
       G 8                                                                   BAGS OF CHARACTER
       B3                                                                    BEAR CABIN MINIATURES
       D 2                                                                   JULIE CAMPBELL DOLL ARTIST
       J 1                                                                    SUE COOK MINIATURES
      B12                                                                   COSTUME CAVALCADE
      C 7                                                                    THE CRAFT PACK COMPANY
      D 7                                                                    DATEMAN BOOKS
      D 3                                                                    THE GIDDY KIPPER
      B 1                                                                    SUE HARRINGTON
      F 9                                                                    MAGS-NIFICENT MINIATURES
      B15                                                                   MALCOLM'S MINIATURES
      D12                                                                  THE MINIATURE GARDEN CENTRE
     G11                                                                   JOSEPHINE PARNELL
     E2                                                                     PETITE PROPERTIES
     M7                                                                    SHEPHERD MINIATURES
     K11                                                                   CAROL SMITH
     W1                                                                    STOKESAY WARE
     W15                                                                  TEMPLEWOOD MINIATURES

If you attending the show, pop by and say hi. It will lovely to meet you :)

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