Monday 19 March 2012

AIM Members News 2012 ~ Flower and Plants by Marianne Cook

12th Scale Lenten Rose

Fancy a lovely little pot of flowers for your miniature scene?

Then pop over to Marianne's Etsy Store and marvel at all her beautiful creations.
Marianne reproduces the plants and flowers that she sees in gardens into 12th scale.

Marianne tells us that she prefers generally to make this sort of flower and plant, rather than perfect florist blooms, aiming to make them to look as if they are growing or have just been cut. The pot may be cracked or mossy and even have a weed growing alongside it... Some flowers may be overblown, or not yet open... A leaf or two may be blemished... and so on. 

Plants and flowers can be bought from her website or from her Etsy shop, 'Marianne26', and as special commissions.She also occasionally sells tiny framed pictures made in the same way as the real-life-size paintings, and miniature needlepoint/tapestry pieces.

12th Scale Helleborus Niger.


  1. Oh my what a beautifil flowerpot. Let the spring beginn.

    Hugs Ilonka

  2. Hace unas plantas muy bonitas, gracias por la información.

  3. wow, these flowers are beautiful, just perfect; you did a wonderful job, this for sharing