Monday, 23 January 2012

AIM News 2012 ~ AIM imag update

It has been brought to our attention via comments left on previous posts, that some people are disappointed in the fact that the AIM imag is not currently being published online monthly and that there is some confusion as to when new issues are coming out. May we take this opportunity to remind our faithful followers that we are working hard behind the scenes to bring you new issues of the imag, but this is done in our own time, on a voluntary basis and around our own personal, lives, jobs, etc. Every page in every issue of the AIM imag is planned and edited. Every article is planned, the item is made, then photographed, accompanying text written, then it is uploaded to the Editing Team who format, edit and then apply it to the magazine template. This is turn is then edited before a final check that it all looking lovely and then the online uploading to publish begins. Again, this is all done by the AIM members who kindly give their time for no payment, to bring you what is a wonderful, informative and packed imag and Christmas Advent Calendar.
Sometimes, life can interrupt this freely given time and the AIM imag is then put on hold until we are happy that we can provide a new issue of the AIM imag that will be a pleasure to read for our loyal readers.
Future issue dates of the AIM imag will now be given here the week before it is due out and don't forget you can always check out the AIM imag Archives by clicking this link Artisansinminiature/ Archives  You can also keep up to date with AIM Members News and Dolls House Fair dates which AIM members are exhibiting at, here on the blog. This blog is updated twice weekly and again on a voluntary basis!


  1. Hola!!
    Felicidades por el trabajo que hacéis!! Yo os entiendo perfectamente, cada uno saca tiempo de donde puede y más cuando se hace voluntariamente. De nuevo felicidades por vuestro trabajo y que todos lo sigamos viendo.
    Un saludo, Helena.

  2. le plaisir de lire le prochain numéro sera encore plus grand ! Félicitations à ceux et celles qui feront en sorte que nous puissions le feuilleter comme les précédents.
    Il est vrai que nous pouvons voir et revoir les numéros archivés. Bon courage et à bientôt !

    1. Many thanks for your nice comment, we hope you will enjoy the next issue when it comes out also x

  3. I for one is happy to wait, as your magazine never fails to delight me and all good things should never be rushed, I thank you for all the projects and articles that you have already published for our reading, I have learnt a lot and really enjoy your magazine

  4. I am just so grateful for all the wonderful information I get from the imag which I know is produced by passionate volunteers. A big thank you to all who help prepare it -- it is ALWAYS worth waiting for!

  5. Count me as one who is willing to wait. You publish a fabulous magazine and give of yourselves so freely! I consider the imag a privilege not a right and am eternally grateful for all you do.

  6. It is such a fantastic magazine that we are blessed whenever it comes out! I like that you keep the back issues on the site as well. Whenever I am impatient for a new fix, I go there and find things I missed in the first (or second or third!) reading. Thank you for the wonderful job you all do in your busy lives.