Saturday, 20 August 2011

Phoenix Rising...

Here's another must see article in our celebration of 'Modern Mininatures'
 in the August edition of the FREE AIM imag...
Don't miss our special look at the stunning modern dolls house interior which has been so imaginatively 
created by AIM member Christa Chayata!

The FREE AIM imag -Available to read online 
or download it today!
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  1. I love the grey the miniature maker chose to decorate the walls with here. I too chose grey (in our big house) and I love it. I came upon you with a renewed interest in dollhouses. As a child, I always loved them so much. I recently completed one for our daughter—

    and so I've been finding so much joy in exploring what others have created lately as well. Happy to have happened upon you today. -heather