Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Advent Calendar from Buttercup Miniatures

Following the success of last year’s Advent Calendar we have decided to again feature a special Advent calendar for miniature knitters. We had a good response to our request for suggestions in our October Newsletter. Ideas were many and varied and we decided to make this years project interesting but not too complicated so that it will appeal to all levels of knitting ability. This makes the project suitable for both novice and more experienced knitters. The patterns are also designed to use oddments of yarn you may have in your workbasket and a commonly used needle size, which many people will already own, thus keeping your costs to a minimum.

This year’s calendar will make a set of four 1/12th scale brick toys with alphabet, numbers, textures and geometric shape designs. Each brick is made up of 6 small squares which when stitched together will make a cube.

Knitting instructions for one square will be posted on our blog
 on each of the 24 days of Advent, with the final square and finishing instructions being given on 24th December.

The Advent Calendar will remain online until mid-January 2011 to allow people unable to join in during Advent a chance to complete the project. After this time the calendar will be removed and will be available for purchase.

Buttercup Miniatures

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